Life Insurance

Universal Life

Universal Life is a permanent, flexible-premium, adjustable-benefit life insurance policy that can accumulate cash value. These policies can be guaranteed or can generate cash value based on crediting rates. This life insurance policy is designed to provide death benefit protection on a tax-free basis.

Term Life

Term life insurance was developed to provide temporary life insurance protection for a set period of time. Term insurance can be purchased as a cheaper alternative to Universal Life permanent coverage.

Survivorship Life

Survivorship or (second-to-die) insurance is permanent insurance like Universal Life; however, it insures two lives. The primary feature is that no death benefit is paid to beneficiaries until the passing of the second insured to cover estate tax liability, allowing a family’s estate to stay intact for its heirs.

Indexed Life

Indexed Universal Life is permanent life insurance designed to provide death benefit protection along with the upside potential growth of the stock market without the risk of actually being invested within the market. These plans are often used for Advanced Marketing strategies and Premium Finance.

Whole Life

Whole Life is also used as permanent coverage, usually to age 100, which builds cash value for the client. Rates are usually based on dividends, and premiums are usually guaranteed throughout the contract, Cash accumulation is also accessible for use.
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