Solutions to Grow Your Business

See What CBS Can Do For Your Agency…

CBS Brokerage works with you and your firm to develop a custom road map for growing your business utilizing a selection of our carriers, products, services and technology solutions. We are uniquely positioned to offer you the ability to enhance your long-term viability and value to your clients, providing:

  • Leverage Our Expertise
  • Broad range of product offering
  • Wide array of available carriers
  • Competitive industry leading compensation
  • Leading edge technology
  • A Dedicated Team & Boutique Services

With our tools and resources at your fingertips, your agency is powered by one of the largest brokerage companies in the country and can leverage that strength to help your agency:

  • Increase top line revenue
  • Reduce risk
  • Manage/shift variable costs
  • Increase employee productivity

Solutions to Build Business Efficiencies

Having a world of brokerage solutions at your fingertips allows you to tailor solutions to enhance your business efficiencies. Whether it is life product and carrier needs such as high-end disability and annuities, or licensing and appointment administration, case processing, superior underwriting, or financial adjudication, our resources and technology can streamline your business.

Leverage Our Expertise

Our agents benefit from the single source access to our product solutions for Life, Annuities, Long Term Care, Disability, Underwriting consultation and Advanced Sales Services. We have the expertise to understand the product marketplace, keep abreast of industry and product changes to help you design the right case and negotiate the best possible offers for your clients.

Economies Of Scale

We have strong relationships with top industry carriers and we can pass the benefit of those relationships to our clients. In addition to the competitive compensation afforded by our scale, we work closely with our carriers to continually improve our processing procedures and with the carrier underwriters to find the best possible solutions for your cases.

New Services Provided by CBS Brokerage

Attorney on Staff
Senior Underwriter with 30 years of industry experience
24/7 Case Status Tracking and Reporting
Online Carrier Application Process
Commission Resolution
Multi-Carrier underwriting & Quick-quote managing tool