Carrier Guidelines

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12 Reasons to Reopen an Underwriting File
Timing is everything! Especially when it comes to underwriting for your clients with impairments or special circumstances. Make sure you know when the timing is right to revisit a case that was previously declined or rated – you may have a sale waiting for you. Changes in your client’s circumstances, market conditions, medical advancements or underwriting rules can all affect the final outcome for your client’s case.

Tips for Ensuring Accurate Paramed Results
Proactive, easy ways for your client to get ready for a Paramed/MD exam that will help them put their best foot forward.

What is an Inspection Report
Generally, an inspection report is required on cases with higher face amounts. Most Inspection Reports, or IRs, are handled by a third party company contracted with the carrier home office. In the more moderate face amount cases, the home office may actually have its own staff do a phone interview with the client.

Smoker & Non-Smoker Guidelines
Summary of carriers’ definitions of non-smokers, cigar users, etc.

Age Last Birthday Carriers and Products
Table Shave and Upgrade Programs
Cash with Application Limits
Carrier Retention


Preliminary Risk Evaluation