How do you Answer the Call? Pt. 1

This video is the first in a series called “How do you answer the call?” Geared for financial advisors, this series will enhance your approach and engagement regarding a client’s financial risks. Richard’s infectious passion and industry knowledge will help you utilize protection and insurance products to aid clients to achieve the highest probability of success. Richard sets the stage in this introductory video.

January 2023 | 14 Minutes

Advisor Conversations: LTC

Should a well-to-do client self-insure their LTC risk? Regardless of whether a client decides to self-insure or utilize protection products to address their LTC risk, a good advisor understands the EMOTIONS and LOGIC that factor into this decision. The well-equipped advisor will guide their clients through the decision-making process and document the plan. In this video, Richard Backora, Head of RIA Services, provides you with a conversation road map to help you surface and discuss LTC risk with clients. Your clients will be grateful if you help them face and prepare for the emotional and financial risks of aging.

November 2022 | 11 Minutes

Buy-Sell Agreements: A Bird's Eye View

Buy-sell agreements are critical for closely-held business and yet they are often ignored or given little attention. But, a current, funded buy-sell is key for avoiding disaster in the future. Did you know CBS Brokerage provide complimentary buy-sell reviews?

November 2021 | 11 Minutes

CBS Brokerage offers complimentary Buy Sell Reviews for your clients

Offering value-add services rather than only products or asset management will set you apart. Their business is your client’s most important asset; its tentacles reach into every aspect of their financial life. Reviewing buy-sell agreements opens various sales opportunities, such as wealth transfer, retirement, and risk management planning. Additionally, offering buy-sell reviews will expand your network, bringing you into meaningful contact with your client’s other business partners and advisors.

November 2021 | 10 Minutes

CBS Brokerage Offers Estate Plan Reviews

Clients want an advisor that will help them reach their financial goals – including what happens to my wealth, who gets it and when. Having CBS review your client’s estate plans opens the door to conversations about wealth transfer, retirement, and risk management planning.

January 2022 | 10 Minutes
Charitable Lead Trust: A CBS Success Story

CBS Brokerage specializes in customizing creative solutions based on your clients’ individual needs and providing you with the advanced planning resources you need to place large, complex cases. With a Charitable Lead Trust, a client sets up a trust that benefits a charity, after which time the remaining assets are passed back to their beneficiaries. If you have a client expecting a significant income event, is looking for a way to reduce income taxes, and wants to transfer wealth efficiently while making a charitable impact, we can help! Call us discuss your next case at (763) 450-1870.

February 2022 | 8 Minutes
Emoney Results of Allocating some Bonds to Income Annuities

Emoney Results of Allocating Some Bonds to Income Annuities. The 30 year bond bull market is over for a specific identifiable reason, which implies that the negatively correlated relationship to equities, which has been so beneficial is diminished or may reverse. 6 min video demonstrating through Emoney how allocating a portion of the bond portfolio to fixed income portfolio of insurers general accounts using income annuities for pre and post retirees can improve the probability of successful retirement outcomes by improving risk adjusted fixed income returns with an income approach that simultaneously reduces sequence of return risk.

March 2021 | 6 Minutes

Four Ways to Pay Estate Taxes

How will your HNW clients pay for the estate taxes? Did you know that the estate tax bill must be paid within fifteen months after the client’s death. Your client’s personal representative will be faced with the challenge of determining where the cash will come from to pay the tax bill. Pre-paying the tax with discounted dollars usually makes the most sense. The four options to pay estate tax are: 1. Cash 2. Forced Sale; converting assets to cash 3. Third-Party Loan/Finance the debt 4. Pre-pay with discounted dollars

January 2022 | 7 Minutes

IDGTs and Life Insurance, Part 1, Foundations

Part 1 of 5. In this series, Jack F. Elder, J.D., LL.M. (Tax) provides a high-level overview of select advanced planning techniques using IDGTs and life insurance. In this episode, he explains why combining IDGTs and life insurance is such a powerful estate planning tool. Using a conversational tone, this episode addresses IDGT benefits and basics at a high level, the next four will zoom in on specific strategic uses with life insurance: (1) Strategic Gifts Before 2026, (2) Installment Sales to IDGTs, (3) Split-Dollar, and (4) IDGTs as a Premium Financing roll-out tool in a rising interest rate environment. Stay tuned to our channel to learn how we can help you with these wealth transfer techniques!

September 2022 | 11 Minutes

IDGTs and Life Insurance, Part 2, Strategic Gifts

Part 2 of 5.  In this episode, Jack F. Elder, J.D., LL.M. (Tax) demonstrates how combining IDGTs, strategic gifts before 2026 and life insurance can save a HNW family millions of dollars in estate taxes and keep wealth in the family.  As always, Jack uses everyday language to breakdown complex planning techniques into actionable, easy-to-understand steps.  In the first episode, we provided the foundational information you need to discuss IDGTs with your clients.  The next 3 episodes focus on Installment Sales to IDGTs, Split-Dollar life insurance, and IDGTs as a Premium Financing roll-out tool in a rising interest rate environment.  Please reach out to CBS if you need help implementing advanced planning strategies!

September 2022 | 13 Minutes

IDGTs and Life Insurance, Part 3, Installment Sales to Grantor Trusts

Part 3 of 5. In this video, Jack F. Elder, J.D., LL.M. (Tax) demonstrates how combining installment sales to grantor trusts with life insurance can save an HNW family millions of dollars in estate taxes and keep wealth in the family. You don’t need to be an expert to follow along as Jack describes installment sales using everyday language to explain and model the estate planning technique. Stay tuned for the next two episodes on IDGTs, Split-Dollar life insurance, and IDGTs as a Premium Financing roll-out tool in a rising interest rate environment. Please reach out to CBS if you want help implementing advanced planning strategies.

October 2022 | 11 Minutes

Installment Sales to Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts

Help business owners, with federally taxable estates, have family participate materially or only financially in the business, save millions in estate and gift taxation, using minimal or no lifetime exemption, maintain control of the business, receive economic value from the assets transferred and have an exit plan to retain, swap, change taxation, leverage the funds in trust to pay whatever reduced estate taxes remain and unwind the whole plan and bring the assets back into the estate if the client wanted to.

April 2020 | 10 Minutes

Life as an Asset Class In Retirement

A retiree should expect between 4 and 6 bear markets in retirement. Sequence risk can become fatal to a financial plan if the client lacks an uncorrelated asset. As trusted financial advisors, it is incumbent on us to recommend financial products that can provide the reserves to forge through negative return years. If you have clients between the ages of 35 and 55 saving for retirement, you should show them how they can supplement their plan with an IUL or whole life to help address sequence risk and improve the probability of financial success in retirement.

May 2022 | 8 Minutes

Non-US Citizen Estate & Marital Deduction Planning

How qualified domestic trusts(QDOT) offer non-US citizens deferral of estate taxes till the 2nd spouse to die, similar to how US Citizens use the unlimited marital deduction or marital deduction trusts to do the same.

September 2020 | 5 Minutes

Private Non-Equity Collateral Split-dollar

Do you have clients that have used their lifetime to make intergenerational gifts? Many of those families need additional liquidity for estate taxes. Life insurance is the optimal financial tool to provide liquidity for estate taxes, and split-dollar is often the best technique for funding that policy outside the estate. Loan-based split-dollar predominates because interest rates have been low for so long. But, with rising interest rates, Non-Equity Collateral Assignment split-dollar may come back into vogue. In this video, CBS’s Jack Elder, explains the concept.

March 2022 | 9 Minutes

Private loan-based split-dollar

Private loan-based split-dollar is a powerful planning tool that allows a client to pay annual premiums on a policy owned in an ILIT without having to make large gifts that would exceed the client’s lifetime exemption and incur gift taxes. CBS Brokerage is a seasoned expert in all things split-dollar.

March 2022 | 9 Minutes

Tax Leverage

Life Insurance in a Qualified Plan. Can the math make sense?

September 2021 | 11 Minutes

Tax Planning for Stepped Up Basis Using Actionable Balance Sheets

Tax planning for stepped up basis and estate tax planning using “Actionable” balance sheets that enable clients and their professional advisors to have a common framework to make actionable decisions upon that will optimize the amount clients keep for what they are building.

April 2020 | 9 Minutes

Tax Planning for the Sale of Low Basis Assets Using CRUTs

CRUTs are an income tax planning technique to help clients eliminate all or a portion of the taxes in the year of the sale and provide an income tax deduction, while deferring taxation over a chosen term of years that may drop the marginal capital gains rate paid, and generates a stream of income that keeps pace with inflation and also helps charities only at the conclusion of term of years.

December 2021 | 6 Minutes

Two Individual vs. One Joint Irrevocable Trust for Married Couples

Why two individual vs. one joint Irrevocable trust for married couples with federally taxable estates creates living benefits for the grantors, funding options, flexibility and an exit plan

October 2020 | 4 Minutes

Unlocking C Corp Earnings

Unlocking Corporate Earnings. How a C Corp. can reduce the taxes on retained earnings.

September 2021 | 12 Minutes

Use GRATs with NHW Clients to Capture a V Shaped Market Recovery & Capture New Business

Wealth transfer technique for clients with federally taxable estates that creates the opportunity to contribute assets with low valuations, for example during bear markets, get the contributed assets plus the IRS mandated 7520 interest rate back (currently 1.2%) over a 2 or 3 year term of years, while enabling any excess returns above the 7520 rate to be distributed to beneficiaries at the end of the GRAT term free of gift and estate taxes.

March 2020 | 4 Minutes

U.S Life Insurance For Foreign Nationals

International HNW families with U.S. assets seek out domestic life insurance for its favorable tax treatment, flexibility, liquidity and certainty in their wealth planning. You need expertise to navigate solicitation and eligibility requirements in this specialized market. This video demonstrates that CBS stands ready to help you succeed with foreign national insurance planning!

June 2022 | 14 Minutes